Foam Mattress

How to clean and dry foam mattress?

toddler peed foam mattress, would like advice on how to clean and dry it please, I can not seem to few "flavor" out … thanks to its pouring rain here …. no chance of drying it … other suggestions?

Borax will get urine smell out. Mix it with water and soaked in urine instead. Then use a wet / dry vacuum cleaner to suck the water out. Not to worry if you do not have one, simply put a thick terry towel over the stain and jump on it to bring water to the surface. Move the towel around, as it becomes saturated, get as much of the water to the surface as possible and then hit the area with a blow dryer to dry it more completely. Although borax dry will absorb urine odor, but I suppose that foam acted as a sponge and soaked it in, so I would use the wet method.

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